October 6, 2017


Welcome, new friends, to my blog.

I’m Margaret, your friendly internet word nerd.

I'm a writer in the midst of the fifth draft of her novel. I'm a book lover who wants more people to flail over her favorite books with.
Most importantly, I'm someone who loves connecting with people about those things. Over the years, I've been lucky enough to find and connect with other writers who encourage me and help me stay on track, even when the going gets hard. I'd like to give back. I want this to be a place for other writers like me. Writers still learning their craft. Writers still finding their voice. Writers wondering if all that work is really worth it.

I hope I'll make you laugh. I hope I'll make you think. I hope I'll help you keep plugging away at that work in progress.

On this blog, I will share my journey to finishing and publishing my novel. You will probably read at least one post griping about how hard writing is. Information that I've gathered over the years will be shared. And you will definitely get a front row seat to me flailing over books (and maybe doing a bit of ranting too).

I will talk about my writing and what I’ve learned and how my favorite authors inspire me every day. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be sharing a bit about myself and then, in November, we dive into the good stuff—starting with my favorite part of the month, NaNoWriMo.

Feel free to drop down in the comments at any time and ask questions or leave your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you. And check out my About Me page for other places to find more wordy, nerdy goodness.

So now you know a little bit about me. I'd love to know more about you. Scroll down to where it says "Enter your comment..." and introduce yourself. I'd love to know a little bit about how you found me and what you like to read (or write).

Until next time, word nerds.


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