Beta Reading Services

Welcome! If you're landed on this page you're probably a writer and you've probably written a novel. And now you're trying to figure out what needs fixing... Don't worry, I can help you with that.

What I Do

As a beta reader, I am looking at surface level, big picture issues. The things -- good and bad -- that might make your readers pause. My goal is for my feedback to help you pinpoint a draft's strengths and weaknesses before you head into the next.

As I read through your book, I'll be taking note of things like:

  • Pacing
  • Character consistency
  • Plot issues
  • Clunky or odd dialogue
  • World-building
  • Recurrent grammar issues
After I've read your book, I'll send you an email summarizing my notes, along with feedback about what I liked and didn't like about your novel. If there are any specific issues or questions you want addressed, feel free to let me know at the beginning.

What I Expect From You

Timely response to my emails.  Life gets busy, I understand that, but I also know my time and my skills are worthy of respect. Once I accept your manuscript, I expect prompt responses to any questions I have about the work. If I email you and more than 72 hours pass without any response, I will put your book on hold until I have heard from you.

Format: All manuscripts should be double-spaced and in a 12-point font like Times New Roman or Arial. Google docs are preferred.

Why Should You Choose Me?

I am a writer with over a decade of experience writing and editing novels -- both my own and those of friends. I also have life-long experience as a reader and, in the last few years, have gained experience as a book reviewer as well.

While I am not the perfect fit for every genre, I offer experience in:
  • Fantasy 
  • Science fiction - especially Soft SciFi and Space Opera
  • Dystopian
  • Christian fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Retellings
I am mostly widely read in the young adult age category, but I also have experience with adult (especially in fantasy) and middle grade. If you are interested in booking me as a beta reader, you can do so through this form. You can expect to hear from me within one business day.


My current rates are as follows:

Tier 1: 20,000 words or less = $15
Tier 2: 20,001-50,000 words = $25
Tier 3: 50,001-80,000 words = $35
Tier 4: 80,001-100,000 words = $45

For manuscripts over 100,000 words, we will discuss pricing at the time of contact

Payment is due at the time that the manuscript is sent.

Trial run
For those with completed, full length (>50,000 words) projects, I will do a free pass over your first ten pages. If my feedback works well for you, payment will be due when you email me the full manuscript.

In-line notes
If you would like to add in-line notes, you can do so for an extra $5 per tier (so Tier 1 adds $5, Tier 2 adds $10). This is not a dedicated line edit or copy edit, simply a play-by-play of the places where I ran into the issues listed above.


R.K. Gold author of the Beds Are For Flowers series:
"Margaret goes above and beyond. Her notes are perfect for authors worried about lingering plot holes, underdeveloped characters, and unclear writing. She is prompt, professional, and keeps an open line of communication."
Nicole Quigley author of Like Moonlight at Low Tide:
"I engaged Margaret to beta read my second novel, and she is worth her weight in gold. She provided insightful developmental edits and turned around the work in record time. Because she is a talented writer, herself, she knows how to make stories shine."

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